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(2) How to distinguish the quality of the three-phase asynchronous motor?

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Three-phase asynchronous motor is a very mature technology products, the production threshold is also low, in areas with developed industrial chains, small workshops of motor factories abound, but to achieve excellent motor performance, stable quality, or a certain scale of motor factory to ensure.QIJUN MOTOR is a professional company which is specialized in three phase asynchronous motor, explosion-proof AC motor, single phase electric motor, brake motor, shaded pole motors, gear motor etc., It has employees more than 150 including 30 senior engineers,20 R & D technicians, more than 50 professional technicians.

2、Motor stator and rotor are made of silicon steel die-casting, die-casting length and die-casting tightness of the motor performance impact a lot, the longer the core die-casting length of the tighter, the better the power performance. There are companies to shorten the length of the core or reduce the price of silicon steel sheet grade to reduce costs, the motor price is low.

QIJUN MOTOR is an professional manufacturer of Three Phase AC Motor, Single Phase Electric Motors,Brake Motor and Shaded Pole Motor etc., for 5 years experience. We can customize your motor for your application and industry. Tell us about any motor requirements, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

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