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How to quickly detect the quality of the three phase motor

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There are two main parameters to judge the quality of a motor.

On the one hand, it measures the resistance of the motor coil,

and on the other hand, it measures the insulation resistance of the coil and the shell.

The fault of the electric motor is nothing more than two major parts: mechanical and electrical.

Mechanically :

1. Whether the bearing is short of oil or damaged.

2. Whether the end cover is “running out of the outer sleeve” and whether the bearing is “running out of the inner sleeve”.


1. Whether the insulation resistance is qualified.

2. Whether the three-phase DC resistance is qualified or not, use a double-arm bridge to measure it.

3. Whether the rotor is broken or not, the DC resistance of the motor is an important basis for judging the motor.

Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor

Squirrel-cage motor

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