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Common Three Phase Asynchronous Motor Faults and Solutions

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No.1 The motor makes abnormal noises when running. There are abnormal noises.

  1. Cause of Motor Failure.

① The rotor rubs against the stator insulation paper or slot wedge;

② Bearing wear or foreign matter such as sand in the oil;

③The stator and rotor cores are loose;

④The bearing is short of oil;

⑤ Air duct filling or fan wiping cover;

⑥The stator and rotor cores rub against each other;

⑦The power supply voltage is too high or unbalanced;

⑧The stator winding is misconnected or short-circuited.

  1. Troubleshooting

① Insulation, cut into low grooves;

②Replace the bearings or clean the bearings;

③Detection stator and rotor core;

④Add lubricant oil;

⑤Clean the air duct; reinstall the device;

⑥Eliminate scratches;

⑦ Check and adjust the power supply voltage;

⑧Troubleshoot the stator winding failure.

No.2 The motor vibrates greatly during operation

  1. Cause of Motor Failure.

①The bearing clearance is too large due to wear;

②The air gap is uneven;

③The rotor is unbalanced;

④The rotating shaft is bent;

⑤The iron core is deformed or loose;

⑥The center of the coupling (pulley) is not corrected;

⑦The fan is unbalanced;

⑧The chassis or foundation is not strong enough;

⑨The motor anchor screws are loose;

⑩ The cage rotor is open and disconnected; the wound rotor is open; and the stator winding is faulty.


①Inspect the bearings and replace them if necessary;

②Adjust the air gap to make it uniform;

③Correct rotor dynamic balance;

④ Straighten the rotating shaft;

⑤Correction of overlapping cores;

⑥Recalibrate to make it comply with regulations;

⑦Inspect the fan, correct the balance, and correct its geometric shape;


⑨Tighten the anchor screws;

⑩Repair the rotor winding; repair the stator winding.

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