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5.5kw Solid Shaft Electric Motor for Water Pump

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5.5kw Solid Shaft Electric Motor is made of high quality cast iron.With optimized construction design,they can ensure the requirement of structure rigidity and intensity.Silicon steel plate is used in stator core and rotor core,it has good insulation on surface,low loss which ensures the higher efficiency.High quality insulation material combines the perfect insulation system which makes the insulation completely without clearance,high rigidity of the winding end,it can endure switching and reversing intensity,F class insulation makes the motor with higher heat stability and longer life.

Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor


  Supply power:voltage variable ±5%,frequency variable:±2%,combine voltage and frequency variable:±5%.

The following as options or customers’ request:

-Protection class IP56

-Space heater

-Heat protector

-Vibration detector

-Special mounting dimension and shaft dimension

-Low vibration and low noise

-Bearing thermometer PT100(frame size H180 and above)

-Winding thermometer PT100

-Special painting


Our UAE customers replaced the motor of the previous water pump.  By comparing various indicators, QIJUN MOTOR recommends his to use YE3-132S ,1480RPM, 380V, 50HZ  5.5kw solid shaft electric motor and makes the most competitive quotation. Then we sent QIJUN MOTOR company qualifications, third-party inspection reports.

Founded in 2017, Shandong Qijun Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.(QIJUN MOTOR) is a professional company which is specialized in Three Phase Asynchronous Squirrel-cage motor , Explosion-proof Squirrel-cage Motor, Single Phase Electric Motor, Brake Motor, Shaded Pole Motors, Gear Motor etc., It has employees more than 150 including 30 senior engineers,20 R & D technicians, more than 50 professional technicians. Plant covers an area of 20 acres. We have strong technology research and development team, Advanced automatic CNC production equipment ,the international first-class type testing center. All products according to the international IEC Standard production to meet the needs of foreign customers.

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