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Introduction to Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors: Structure, Function, and Applications

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Three-phase asynchronous AC motor refers to a type of motor that is simultaneously connected to 380V three-phase AC current (with a phase difference of 120°). Because the rotor and stator rotating magnetic field of three-phase asynchronous motors rotate in the same direction but at different speeds, the actual speed is slower than the synchronous speed, so it is called a three-phase asynchronous motor . Its structure mainly consists of a stator (stator core, stator winding), rotor and shell, front cover, back cover, bearings, fan, junction box and lifting ring.

The stator of a three-phase asynchronous motor is a stationary part, while the rotor is a rotating part. When three-phase symmetrical AC power is applied to a three-phase asynchronous motor, a rotating magnetic field will be generated.

Based on the interaction between the stationary magnetic field and the rotor cutting the magnetic field lines, an electric current is generated. The current in the rotor conductors interacts with the rotating magnetic field to produce electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force generates an electromagnetic torque that drives the rotor to rotate along the direction of the rotating magnetic field. In this way, the motor produces rotational power.

Due to the fact that the speed of the rotor is slower than the speed of the rotating magnetic field, there is a certain amount of slip. The greater the slip, the greater the motor’s torque. The torque and speed of the motor can be changed by adjusting the voltage, current or number of stator windings, etc. This makes the three-phase asynchronous motor adaptable to different loads and operating conditions, and is widely used in industrial production.

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