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Main Parameters of Explosion-proof Motors

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Explosion-proof motors can be divided into coal mine use (EXDI), factory use (DIIBT4) and high-temperature explosion-proof factory (DIICT4) according to the place of use.

Grading by use: YB3, YBX3, YBX4 explosion-proof motors are commonly used cast iron shell explosion-proof motors for non-excavation surface.

Explosion-proof motor parameters are summarized:

1, explosion-proof motor certificate: common three kinds of explosion-proof certificate, coal safety certificate, production license.

2. Voltage: 380V, 380V/660V, 660V/1140V

3. Explosion-proof grade: IP55 (dustproof and waterproof, the first 5 means dustproof, the second 5 means waterproof), IP44, IP54 and so on.

4、Insulation grade: Class F.

5. Protection grade: EXDI and DIIBT4 are used in coal mines and chemical plants respectively.

6.Power: Kilowatt

7, Installation: common installation methods are B3 (horizontal foot connection), B5 (vertical flange connection), B35 (vertical and horizontal, foot and flange are used)

8、Explosion-proof motor model example: YBX4-112M-2 which, 112 for the vertical height of the shaft end from the ground, this model is 112mm (mm)

9, speed: r / min-2P (number of poles) 3000r / min, 4P 1500r / min, 6P 1000r / min, 8P 750r / min, 10P 600r / min Example: 2800r / min for 2P.

Selection can provide the model, speed (or how many poles), power, voltage, installation, explosion-proof grade, the use of the environment, etc., while providing complete information to ensure the accuracy of the selection model selection!

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