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Squirrel-cage Motors for Oil Pressing Machines

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Squirrel-cage motors are very prevalent in industry, in sizes from below 1 kilowatt (1.3 hp) up to tens of megawatts (tens-of-thousand horsepower). They are so-called “squirrel cage” motors because the shape of their rotor – the inner component connected to the output shaft – looks like a cage. Commonly used motors in industry are usually IEC or NEMA standard frame sizes, which are interchangeable between manufacturers.

Squirrel-cage motors are popular choices in industry, in part due to their low cost, ease of maintenance, high efficiency, good heat regulation, and safety.

Squirrel-cage motor
Our Africa customer want to purchase squirrel-cage motors for the oil pressing machines.  By comparing various indicators, QIJUN MOTOR recommends customers to use YE2-160L  15kw/20HP,1480RPM, 380V, 50HZ  squirrel-cage motor and makes the most competitive quotation. Then we sent QIJUN MOTOR company qualifications, third-party inspection reports.

YE2 Series 380V Three Phase Cast Iron Motor (4)

Founded in 2017, Shandong Qijun Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.(QIJUN MOTOR) is a professional company which is specialized in Three Phase Asynchronous Squirrel-cage motor , Explosion-proof Squirrel-cage Motor, Single Phase Electric Motor, Brake Motor, Shaded Pole Motors, Gear Motor etc., It has employees more than 150 including 30 senior engineers,20 R & D technicians, more than 50 professional technicians. Plant covers an area of 20 acres. We have strong technology research and development team, Advanced automatic CNC production equipment ,the international first-class type testing center. All products according to the international IEC Standard production to meet the needs of foreign customers.

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