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What are the classifications of AC motors?

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AC motor is also divided into single-phase AC motor and three-phase AC motor.

Single-phase asynchronous motor is easy to use and widely used because it only needs single-phase AC power, and it has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, low noise and low interference with radio system, so common household appliances use single-phase AC asynchronous motor in the early days. AC asynchronous motor start-stop control mostly uses relays and thyristor, speed control uses reactors or use to change the thyristor conduction angle for speed control, control is relatively simple.

Three-phase AC induction motors are divided into squirrel-cage induction motors (old standard called squirrel-cage induction motors) and wound rotor induction motors (old standard called wound induction motors) according to the rotor structure, and three-phase induction motors can be driven by inverters to drive and speed control, using voltage and frequency control is relatively simple, and the more difficult ones have to do vector control, the controller is relatively a bit complicated.

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